Active Duty

Servicemembers Opportunity College

EKU is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) consortium, a group of colleges and universities dedicated to providing educational opportunities to servicemembers who have trouble completing college degrees because they move so frequently from place to place.

SOC functions in cooperation with 15 higher education associations, the Department of Defense, and Active and Reserve Components of ALL the Military Services to expand and improve voluntary postsecondary education opportunities for servicemembers worldwide. Visit the SOC ( to see how you can enroll and get started on your degree NOW!

Online Degree Programs and Professional Flight Training

Also, check out these online degrees from our nationally renowned College of Justice and Safety. You can use your Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits to pay for flight training as well. Students in EKU’s Aviation (BS) professional flight option can earn flight certification in Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, CFII, and Multi Engine.  Best of all, because we are a public institution your Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits will cover all of your flight fees (or at whatever percentage rate you are drawing if less than 36 months of active duty service).  

Tuition Assistance

Confused about Armed Forces Tuition Assistance(TA)? Don’t be. TA isn’t a loan; it is a benefit, just like leave or health care. Each year Congress gives funds to the services to be used towards tuition costs. Each service has its own rules and procedures, but service members may be eligible for up to $4,500 of educational benefits each year. The money is paid directly to the university to be applied towards tuition expenses. If the cost of tuition exceeds the cap, service members may be eligible to use their GI Bill benefits under the “top-up” program to cover those out-of-pocket costs. explains each service's TA program and provides links to the services actual TA websites.

If you are active duty Army or Activated Guard/Reserves (AGR), go to to process your TA claim.

If you are an active duty Coast Guard member, go to to process your TA claim.

If you are an active duty Marine, go to to process your TA claim.

If you are National Guard (KYNG)), go to to process your claim.

If you are an active duty Navy member, go to to process your TA claim. 


In-State Tuition

GOOD NEWS about tuition! Regardless of where you are from if you are stationed in Kentucky, as of July 2009 and a member of the Armed Forces serving on active duty for a period of more than 30 days, you will receive in-state tuition. This also applies to your spouse and dependent children. House Resolution 4137 ensures that service members are not penalized for relocating for military service. If you are currently serving in Kentucky or if your permanent duty station or home of record is Kentucky, you will receive in-state tuition as long as you remain continuously enrolled, even if you move out of state.


FAMILIES TOO!  For the first time in history, you can transfer your Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits to your spouse or children.  If you are actively serving as of 1 August 2009 and are a career service member, you can give all of your benefits to one person or divide them among your family members, however works best for you.

Before your family can apply to VA, you must first process your transfer application online with DOD. The transferability application requires Internet Explorer.