From the militiamen of the American Revolution to today’s Reservist and National Guard members, the citizen-soldier is a special breed of American…devoted to serving the nation in addition to their daily careers and caring for their families. If you are a drilling Reservist or National Guard member you are also entitled to military tuition assistance (TA) and GI bill benefits.

Army Reservist or Army National Guard

To apply for Federal tuition assistance (TA) go to  

EKU's school code is 001963 and use 2011-2012 tuition of $3,960.00 for full time students or $330 per credit hour .  Remember the deadlines are 1 October(Spring) and 1 April (Summer/Fall).  FYI - TA will NOT pay the additional amount charged for online courses, just standard course costs unless there are funds left over after all TA claims are paid.  After submitting your TA paperwork, make sure you contact your Readiness NCO so they can take action to approve your TA within GoArmyEd. 

For reservists in the other services or Air National Guard members, visit’s  TA Overview to see how to apply for TA benefits.

MGIB-SR versus Post 9-11 GI Bill

As a drilling or former reservist, you can also apply for Veteran educational benefits in the form of either Montgomery GI Bill – Selective Reserves (SR) benefits (Chapter 1606) or Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits (Chapter 33). If you have deployed overseas you may be able to file under Chapter 1607 (REAP) or if you suffered a disability as a result of your deployment, under Chapter 31 (Voc Rehab).

Because the Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits are pro-rated based on your active federal service, as the number of months you have served under Title X orders grows, so does your benefits percentage. If you have completed at least one deployment you may want to compare the options to see which entitlement program works best for you. Be advised that when you leave drilling status your eligiblity for Chapter 1607 stops and will revert to Chapter 1606 until you apply for Post 9-11 status. 

The different options can be confusing. For more detailed information and how to compare benefit plans, check out

Getting Deployed

Worried about what happens if you get activated? Don't be. The EKU Registrar has a clear Military Activation policy that outlines what happens to your course credits.

If you are going to miss a couple of semesters because of deployment, you don't have to reapply. So long as you have not taken any classes at another institution, you simply re-enroll for EKU classes when you get back.

If you know about your deployment ahead of time, consider staying enrolled and taking classes online. Talk with your unit to determine what kind of internet access you will have while deployed and whether or not you will have enough down time during your mission to take a course or two.  If you need upper division credit and your duty relates to your major, check with your department and the Co-op office to see if you can earn credit. Here are some of EKU's online learning opportunities. If you need other General Education courses, contact the MVA office to see what can be arranged.