Associates of Military Studies

General Studies offers more flexibility than any other program. Explore your varied interests.  Below is a basic outline for earning an associate's degree in Military Studies. Additional course descriptions and more specific requirements can be found in the university's undergraduate catalog.  To meet accreditation requirements a minimum of 15 hours must be taken from EKU.



General Education (36 hours)

Standard General Education program. Refer to Section Four of the catalog for details on the General Education and University requirements.  Students may use transfer credits or CLEP tests to fulfill these requirements.

Orientation Course (1-3 hours)

GSO 100 or GSD 101. May be waived for students with 24 or more transfer credits (including military service credits).


Core Courses (12 hours)

Twelve hours of military service credits and/or Military Science and Leadership (MSL) coursework, three hours of which must be taken at EKU. Students may substitute 3 hours of PHE 190 or PLS 375 in fulfillment of the concentration. PLS 375 (Terrorism/CounterTerrorism) is available as an online course. 

Free Electives (9-11 hours)


The Military Studies (MTS) concentration is a multi-disciplinary option within the Associates of General Studies program. Students may combine military service credits based upon the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations presented on official transcripts from AARTS, SMART, CCAF, or CGI to fulfill the concentration requirements. Students may also combine Military Science and Leadership (MSL) coursework to fulfill the concentration.

Completion of the Military Studies concentration serves as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree and can be used to qualify a student for entry in the Military Science and Leadership Advanced Course upon approval by the Department of the Army. 

Contact the Director of Military and Veterans Affairs at 859-622-2345 for more information.