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Army Federal Tuition Assistance

If this is the first time you have used Army Federal Tuition Assistance, please see the below steps to set up your account and request TA. 

If you have already established an account in Army Ignited and have used Army Tuition Assistance previously, please skip to Step 4.  

Army IgnitED Tuition Assistance Process

1. Visit to create an account. 

2. Select a Degree Path in the Army Ignited portal.  Your degree path does not have to be your exact degree, but can be a general area of study related to your major. 

3. EKU will be notified of your Degree Path request in the Army Ignited Queue, approve your Degree Path, and upload your official Degree Plan to the portal.  You will be notified via email when your Degree Plan has been uploaded to the portal.  

4. Once your Degree Plan has been uploaded, click HERE to request to have your Class Schedule loaded to the Army Ignited Portal for the upcoming semester.  You will be notified via email when your classes have been uploaded to the portal.

Note: TA requests must be approved in the Army Ignited portal by the class start date, so be sure to submit your request to have your class schedule uploaded to the portal as soon as possible, after you have registered for classes.

5. Log into the Army Ignited portal, and select the classes from your schedule for which you want to request TA.  

6. Your TA Requests will be auto-approved or denied based upon the requirements in your Degree Plan. You do not need to submit a TA Authorization to EKU for approved classes.  

Note: You are not required to request TA for all of your classes that are loaded to the portal. Army Ignited requires your full schedule of classes to be uploaded so that your degree conferral can be reported to Army Ignited when you graduate.

7. Student Accounting will invoice the Army for your classes, and apply the funds to your student account as soon as possible. 

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