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Course Enrollment Form

Your Course Enrollment Form (CEF) is your written request to use your educational entitlement and is due by the first day of the term.

Failure to submit your CEF by this deadline may result in a delay of benefits or other consequences.   

More information can be found at:

Please read the following instructions before submitting the CEF:

1.  BEFORE completing this form, you MUST be registered for courses for the semester you are applying for benefits.

2.  This form must be filled out every semester. If you make any changes to your course schedule, you must complete a new form. A copy of your Certificate of Eligibility must on file with OMVA before this form can be processed for VA certification.

3.  All courses must be required for the student's program of study in order to be certified for benefits.

4.  Please be advised that changing your schedule after you have been certified for VA benefits, may result in a debt to the university and/or the VA.

5.  Additional information for students enrolled in the Aviation program:

Students using GI Bill® benefits to fund an aviation flight course must complete each flight lab within 19 weeks of the first flight event; failure to do so will result in the student being assigned a grade of NC (No Credit). Students using GI Bill® benefits must repay to the VA the cost of any course in which a grade of NC is earned.  The list of flight fees for assigned flight courses can be found at


You must provide an EKU ID number.  Questions?  Click HERE.

If this is your first time using VA educational benefits at EKU, please call 859-622-2345 to provide your SSN.  Your SSN is required for your Course Enrollment Form to be processed.  

Your benefit payments will be sent to the above address or direct deposited to the account you indicated in your VA application.
If this information changes contact the VA Regional Office at 1-888-442-4551.


Below, designate the Semester/Year and Credit Hours for which you are currently registered.  If you are registered for more than one semester, please submit a separate Course Enrollment Form for each semester for which you have already registered (e.g. Spring/Summer, etc.).  

All courses submitted for certification must be required in either university studies, major program, or free electives as prescribed in the Eastern Kentucky University Catalog.  OMVA utilizes the University's DegreeWorks audit as the basis for certification.  Any changes in degree, prerequisites, needs, or other changes in standard programs require written approval from university faculty and must be provided by the student to OMVA. 

Any changes must reduce the hours required to complete the degree goal.  Courses taken in an audit status or other non-credit form cannot be certified.  This form and any accompanying paperwork must be filled out and processed for all terms for which payment of benefits are requested. Persons who accept payments for coursework that does not comply with the above instruction may be subject to fraud charges and may be prosecuted by the Veterans Administration for the recovery of overpayment.

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